Preview CNC carving files

For new users who may be unfamiliar with huge software programs such as Fusion 360, there are other options when it comes to previewing the output of a .cnc file which you have generated in Luban. I use an open source software application named CAMotics. I have a small demonstration of version 1.2.0 and a file I had created in Luban. The CAMotics software application follows the Luban generated tool paths and can highlight any issues that you have with your code.

(My second demonstration file shows that I forgot to invert my file in Luban so instead of a pocket fill, i ended up with a carved outline)

Firstly, where do you get the software from? It is open source and free and you can get it from the following link.

I can tell you that the software has saved me time and prevented me wasting material by carving the wrong thing. All of my carving is done using a USB stick so I have no way of running a boundary. Hopefully, one day, we will see that simulation as an integral part of the Luban software once the CNC segment moves out of Alpha phase.

The first file I used to demonstrate the CAMotics software in the screencast presentation is this one:

The demonstration screencast can be found here: