Pictures are completely black

I am trying to do a black and white picture of a tiger just to see how it works. looks fine when I put it in luban. when I click PROCESS it goes completely black with just barely any of the white showing. any idea what I am doing wrong? yes I just got my snapmaker 2.0 and yes I do not know anything about laser engraving, 3d printing or anything. I am the newbiest newby you could think of!!

Need more info.
What file type?
What mode are you selecting?
If you can share your file and settings that would help.


I open snapmaker Luban. click on Laser G-code generator on the left. I click ADD. I import a jpg file of a black and white picture of a tiger. I choose greyscale on the right. attached pic, top is the original, middle is after greyscale chosen, bottom is after I click on PROCESS. not sure what I am doing wrong. thanks for the help!

What version of Luban and what type of file are you using?

Have you tried running it? The preview isn’t always accurate and tends to be darker. It ends up showing where the laser will be burning but not at what power or density so it tends to show up darker, or all gray and washed out.


Luban 3.12.3. says it is completely up to date. I have ran it very small just to see if it did burn dark and it is completely black like the bottom picture.

I am not sure what you mean what type of file. I import it as a jpg file. then I click PROCESS. it creates the g-code. then I send it to the snapmaker 2.0 via wifi. when it sends it to the printer it says it is a .NC file.

I meant the original file type which you say is jpg.
What are your settings? (you haven’t changed brightness/contrast/white clip?)
Can you share the original file?


here is the original file.

here are my settings. these are default. I didn’t change anything.

That’s strange.
It’s reacting for you how it does for me when I select “b&w”
Try switching modes and hitting process and then switching back.
Have you tried quitting and reopening luban?

This is the only image that’s loaded in the ‘object list’? It’s not doubling up on two of the same images?

BTW, I’ve found that turning off “auto preview” helps keep it from getting bogged down when you’re making changes to settings.


You can also try using 3.13.0
It’s a pre-release version but it’s not like any of the versions are bug free.


You’ve got a Luban bug. Here’s what I get with the same settings in a much older version of Luban:

what version of Luban are you using? and where can I find that older version?

That’s 3.7.0 (the number is visible in the upper-left corner of the picture). You should be able to get old Luban versions from this stickied thread in the Luban section of the forum: Snapmaker Luban Downloads and Updates

must be something with my computer then. I tried 3.7. even tried 3.5. still same results.

it is definitely my computer. tried another laptop. working much better. my laptop is an HP elitebook with an AMD processor. I tried a Dell laptop with an intel processor, so far so good.

Are the two computers running the same operating system?

mine is running windows 10 enterprise, the one it works on is running windows 10 Pro.

Whereas I have an AMD processor, but am running Linux on a desktop. So the bug might be specific to Win10 Enterprise, or to your HP Elitebook.

I’m having this exact problem and have been trying to figure it out for about a week now. Support has tried helping but can’t figure it out either. I guess I’ll need another new laptop, this I haven’t tried yet