Pi Camera Mount & Holder for OctoPi setup


Try this one (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2265949). I’m using a Pi Cam v1. You just might have to modify the opening a bit.


I can do the exact same modification to the non-IR version of the case I remixed. I have the measurements to place the conical divots to get the same friction brake.


Kelvin, that does not fit… there are plenty of PI camera mounts, but none for this Waveshare. That’s why I am making it, and it is my first 3D design effort


Looking forward to it. That’s the best way to learn and mod the Snapmaker.


Just FYI, to fit the fork without redesigning it, the width needs to be 32mm. The dimensions of the conical divots is 5.5mm diameter x 4mm tall.


I added a new revision of the fork and case back. The pivot ratchets in this new version, making the aiming angle much more secure. The downside is that the aiming is limited to ~14 degree increments.

There’s some room to widen the fork, so I may do that to get some more resolution. It’ll mean also modifying the case back again.

EDIT: I modified the fork and case back once again and now the resolution is 11.25 degrees.



what screws are you using to attach the camera holder together


@Mr_Fen I used m4 screws for all my designs since that is the size Snapmaker uses.