PEEK/nylon hot end

  1. Does snapmaker have an all metal hot end

  2. Is there any talk about a higher upper level temps for the likes of PEEK, Nylon?
    Has somone created a reliable mod for the snapmaker 2.0 a350 to do such

Another side topic:

how the hell can I level my bed better, I calibrate after each shutdown using the onboard calibration tool.

There’s random spots where its lower and hard to get a reliably adhering or even first layer print… (see pic) ideas about the printing issues? -215c&55c, 60mm/s, with pla “stone”

Thanks all!

FYI: Snapmaker 2 All-Metal Hotend Simple Mod

Can’t help you with the bed levelling but there’s about a hundred threads on it here.

I suggest measuring the difference between the high and low areas of your bed and set your first layer height to that value or greater. Only way I got it to stop doing what you show. The SM2 bed is neither level nor flat.

Do an 11x11 calibration grid. You can do it with the terminal, so you don’t use the touch screen. It is way better than the 5x5 in the software.

Pre-heat your bed at temp for about 10 minutes prior to calibration, and run a 5x5 at least. You can run higher with macros.

This makes a world of difference.

Eventually you may decide to move on to a glass bed, which is even more of a transformation.

For now, simply pre-heating and running a higher grid will make a nice impact for you.

Note that the “bed levelling fixes” included in the most recent firmware versions are kind of significant. The points being probed by the older firmware versions weren’t quite where the machine thought they were. It might be worth updating, if you haven’t already. (Or not, since the most recent firmware introduces New And Interesting Bugs in other areas.)

Also, this might interest you.

Be careful with this. I have crushed two print sheets already because the proximity sensor got quite unreliable at high temperature environment.

Was the proximity sensor height not set correctly?
When it’s 1mm higher than the nozzle, the print head stays pretty high (a few mm gap under the nozzle) during calibration, even at 65-70.

It likely wasnt sensing properly then, because the print sheet itself warps up (with the frame underneath it), and the prox sensor detects the spring steel in the print sheet. That’s how this particular system works.

The issue did not occur during calibration but at the next print.

Firmware version 1.12.2 contains the levelling fix and changed little else so doesn’t have any of the “Fixes” in 1.13.1 that seem to be causing lots of problems. I think people should at least use 1.12.2

this thred is no longer available. did they remove it?

yes, there’s a cached copy here: Snapmaker 2.0 3D Print Module Calibration - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens