Online print data

Hello, I wonder if it is possible to develop an app to check online print data. In addition, you could monitor your pressure with a web cam. An “emergency stop” function would be important to me. Why all this… Well, I print a lot while I’m at work and I’d love to be able to stop printing or pause if something isn’t right. Since I have no idea how complex it is, it’s just an idea. But the function itself is not new.

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Several people have gotten Octoprint to work with the Original and V2. I don’t know enough about the J1 to say if it would work or not, but I don’t see any glaringly obvious reasons that it shouldn’t. Check the forums, there are a lot of posts about it.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I’ll have a look. I actually thought that it should go with the existing technology with little effort. because Android is running on the J1, so it should be easier to write something like that. I think…

I’ve got Octoprint installed, and it connected up to the J1 no problemo! Was super simple.

I’m not super sure about the configuration, although it’s pretty basic. The only part I’m confused on is the axis limits. I think this gets taken care of by the slicer, so I think the limits here should be 0-324 x, 0-200 y, 0-200 z.

Also, it’s barking about some configuration in the firmware not being enabled. It links to this article OctoPrint tells me my firmware lacks support for "host action commands", what does this mean? - FAQ - OctoPrint Community Forum

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Hi, tell me, is there a guide how to use octoprint with the J1? I haven’t come to a conclusion I can understand yet.