Nozzle coating & bed leveling

Since there’s no 0.6mm hardened nozzle offered for sale in the store I’m thinking of just getting a hardened MK8 tip to screw in. But as I understand J1 bed leveling needs the tip to be conductive and some tips from Micro Swiss for example has WS2 coating which may mess with low-voltage conductivity. Has anyone tried a coated hardened tip?

Its really absurd that they only sell 0.4 hardened hotends considering that they do clog sometimes when printing materials with fibers. Anyways, I’m using a microswiss A2 0.6 nozzle. No problems with it so far…

I am using E3D V6 Nozzle X in both hotends and have had zero issues with conductivity for calibration. Nozzle X are hardened steel, nickel plated and then WS2 coated.