NEW vs. OLD printhead - cooling

Hello SM2.0 users

I have been using the “New Print Head” for some time. and only now noticed. The “NEW” compared to the “OLD” one has only one cooling hole directed to the nozzle.

Pictures for the head comparison:

Just as I try to follow the information on improving the quality of printed elements, I see everywhere that the applied filament is properly cooled (preferably on all sides of the nozzle).

And here I have a question for users and the SM support, should it be like that or maybe I got a “missing” element?

Thank you in advance for your help.

P.S. Sorry for my English, if there is anything I don’t understand - I’m using google translator.

The “new” print head only has one cooling vent for the nozzle. However, the more powerful cooling fan/improved ducting inside means that the cooling on the newer print head is actually better than the cooling for the original print head.

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Nothing is missing. New one has better cooling and some other advantages too.