New Release - Snapmaker 20W & 40W Laser Module

Check this out - Debate on Laser Cutting Plastic: Why Many Car Factories Using Laser Cut Plastic Parts? Is it Safe? - YouTube

Not the part about safety, but how awesome they do the 3d cutting of plastic in examples.

Tho the safety part is important.

Thank you for the link to the reference video.

It’s stated that the output is 2W and intended for engraving, so cutting may not be possible. As for metal engraving, do you happen to know the differences between using 450nm and 1064nm wavelengths? Can anyone provide more information on this?

The color is the hint in the picture :slight_smile: clever.

So the new modules 20w and 40w) are what’s called Blue diod lasers (450nm), the 2w 1064nm is Infrared laser. These are expensive, anything beyound 3-4w is not very affordable this days. Laser pecker has combined diod laser.

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Yes, you can use Luban to control the new module and the Air Assist.

It can be placed outside of the enclosure. let me share a photo with you. :blush:


I think you can build your own module for a fraction of the coast - like i did for the 10 W
Just use the controll board of an other module for recognition and than pass power and control signal to the controller board of your own laser module, probably you can go for a tube as well (which would make much more sense the just a stronger diode)

DIY Laserupgrade (1.6W to 10W) - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

May i ask if the open electronics is standard? :joy:
Just kidding :blush:

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The things you see in engineering department…

So, for a newbie. What are the real advantages of the new module? Coming with which downsides?

(+) they are faster as more powerful, cutting thicker material one pass
(+) cleaner cutting edges

(-) bigger spots
(-) no camera/auto focus

Nothing else, as cutting / engraving clear material?

No because this depends on the wave length not the power (alone)

What about engraving capabilities?
Curious to see quality and details as beam size is much larger.
At the end in my case, I’d like to cut but also engrave… don’t want to change laser modules in between.


Is it possible to buy the pump as a standalone item ?


I’d also like to know if the air assist module will be made available as a stand alone purchased and can be used with the 10W laser. I have all the time in the world and don’t need more than the 10W but think the air assist would help a lot.

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Sorry about that. As the Air Assist and the Air assist Pump are equipped with the 20W & 40W laser modules, it’s not available to purchase alone yet, thanks.

The Air Assist comes with 20W and 40W modules, but it is currently not available for individual purchase. Additionally, the 10W module is not designed to include an air assist. But I will forward your feedback to the team.:blush:

I have a Mac that cannot upgrade the OS beyond 10.15.7.
The last luban 4.8.2 will not install, so question,
Will I still be able too use the 40w laser and Luban 4.8.1, make some money then buy a new Mac computer Jan.?

Say Yes please.

Unfortunately, the reply from our tech team is No. The future Luban versions will only be able to support the MasOS>=11…

perhaps you could dual boot into a Linux installation (or even install it as a virtual machine) without having to give up on the computer? (just guessing)

You don’t really have to spend a ton of money on a MacBook just for Luban.
Get any laptop from eBay that is within your budget. Install Ubuntu on it instead of Windows and then add Luban
It will fly rocket fast and you don’t have to spend a lot.

WOW.ok. will look into an old PC. I did wish there was an android version, I could use my android computer or slow tablet… Thoughts?

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