Need a new controller for Snapmaker 2 A350

Hello everyone,

I hope preparations for the holidays are going great, but I have a very bad situation here: I need a new Snapmaker 2 controller for A350. Seems mine is broken.

What is the best way to get a new one in the EU?

I tried contacting support, but no answer as of yet.


Simple Google search is your friend:

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I found those, but I was hoping for a more official snapmaker site :slight_smile: . Why doesn’t snapmaker offer the possibility to buy the controller from their site?

Good question - I have no idea… I’d actually appreciate if Snapmaker would offer more parts for replacement. The icing on the cake would be if you could even buy sub-parts - e.g. the propriatory plugs/sockets. This would allow for more community engagement, by e.g. developing your own toolhead.

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The listings @Hauke found are all from authorized official Snapmaker resellers per Where to Buy - Snapmaker , so it should be safe ordering from any of them.

Just ask SnapMaker support and they will set you up with an order for a controller. I did not find this out till I had already bought one from 3D Jake. They were fine but…