My latest projects with the engraver module

So, to be honest, since the day the upgraded 1600w laser arrived, I’ve barely printed something with the 3D printer.

It’s the laser engraving that I’ve enjoyed the last 6 mobths the most and I think my next machine, maybe Snapmaker2, will be equiped with laser and/or CNC only.

So, I made some funny things and last but not least, a very special sponge !

This is a double sided coaster I lasered for myself with two of the best racing tracks in the world.

Another home project, a wooden spoon for my pasta I engraved with a funny text, one of my first projects before the 1600w laser arrived.

This is a tablet/cutting board I engraved for a friend who’s studying on a bio lab or something.

Another home project, on the leather coaster again, it’s one of my favourite music albums at the moment !

For a friend I fancied up his old telephone/adress book.

Sorry, I forgot to rotate this image, I made this for my mother on the day that…

We married !! :grin::sunglasses: Although we didn’t plan anything that serious like a cusion for our rings, we heared one of our witnesses brought his both kids with our small and discrete wedding. So, my husband (than boyfriend) and I bought a set of heart shaped sponges for the bathroom. Because, since the moment I enjoyed the 1600w laser so much, I see a potential project in any fabric… I never expected the outcome of the out lasered numbers of our wedding date. Like the phone case for my mother, I could expected a blacked out text, but it got a shiny goldish outline or something we both got surprised by that. I lasered the sponge on the sunday evening and thought it would get a similar effect or because of the many air bubbles, it could catch fire very easily… This was a surprise… To our hearts :smile::heart_eyes:


Excellent work. Keep having fun.

Very nice laser engraving art. So glad that Snapmaker was connected to your life.
Please share us more about your achievement in the future.Have a nice day and keep having fun.


Great work! I’m baffled though: Got mine today and I can get the 200 to engrave, but can’t get ANYTHING to work on the 1600. It is just stuck on “Detecting…” Did you do anything not in the tutorial vids or manuals to get started? Many thanks!

Hello, Normally we operate the 1600mW Laser module the same as 200mW module. It’s better to fill in the warranty request and attach a video or several pictures of problem and describe the problem in details.

We will transfer several questions to you from our engineer later and instruct you to locate the problem.
Once the problem is located, we will provide a solution to you accordingly.
The more detailed your description is, the fewer questions we will have.

Same thing today, just hangs on “Detecting…” never connects to 1600


I also tried updating the firmware and I only get a rapid blinking blue when the 3d head or the 200 laser is plugged in that never stops flashing. If I try to flash it with the 1600 plugged in, it rapidly flashes blue for a few and then turns solid red. I have no idea what I did, but I did get it to recognize something with the 1600 plugged in, but it recognized it as the CNC instead!!!

Is it possible to clean this thread for my personal stuff and discus this issue somewhere else? I think it’s for the better if anyone has the same problem, they won’t never think their answer will lay here… ?! :smiley:

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