More controls from touchscreen

  1. It would be nice to have a box in the bed and extruder settings to type in a specific temp instead of swiping the on screen “dial” or buttons to increase/decrease in increments something like how the Z offset page is.

  2. A fan control option for part cooling would be nice to be able adjust mid print from the touchscreen screen

  3. A menu option to control flow % mid print

  4. An integrated camera module we could mount on the end of the X rail to always be in line with the nozzle

  5. Mostly my biggest wish a stiffer bed than the skeleton that holds the hotbed now. I think one with more mass to it would be more rigid. Everything else is beautifully overbuilt and designed except the bed design IMO

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I absolutely agree on more control options!
Every Marlin printer allows things like Babystepping, Temp Changes, Fan Control, Print Speed, Flow or even Linear Advance settings.

Also on the camera module I’m right on your side. At least some Api that allows to see everything from a telegram channel or so!

The stiffer bed might not result in better print quality. The more mass, the more momentum and that means that the whole construction needs to be more rigid or you get ghosting in your prints