Mirror an stl file: is it possible?

Hi guys,
is it possible to mirror one stl file I found on the web with Luban?
If not… hoe can I do?


I think cura got that function. So luban might have it too.

Can mirror stuff in Tinkercad.
Some limits on how complicated of an STL you can import


Cura does, it’s the Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 12.36.02 PM icon. Luban 3D printing mode is pretty much just Cura with a bunch of settings hidden. Once you have the printer created, it’s a pretty easy transition.

I did have to adjust my calibration slightly after switching to Cura. I had issues with the first layer over extruding, causing some adhesion and texture issues. The same thing happened when I switched from SnapmakerJS to Luban though, so it seems more related to the slicing engine than the UI.

Thank you so much guys!