Material thickness limit on luban

hi there,

seems there is a max limit of the material thickness in luban 20mm

for laser engraving jobs directly from Luban , how do i address jobs that engrave on thicker material ?


Same problem here… sure would like to use all this z height…

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The max limit of Luban for the material thickness is 20mm, and the value will be 150mm if you do the engraving with touchscreen.

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thx , using the touch screen, for materials thinker than 20 mm.

want to use the camera to position the engrave and start the job with out the need to get out of my chair :slight_smile:

of course not an issue , but nice to have.

Got it and we will consider to improve the firmware.

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Checkout the latest Snapmaker Luban (v3.2.0), the limitation of thickness is cancelled.

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