Marlin additions reference?

This seems to be the best place to post this since it applies to multiple products. Has any progress been made toward publishing a Snapmaker Marlin reference? There are generic Marlin references on the Web, but I’ve seen mention in the firmware release notes of new Snapmaker-specific commands/options being added and haven’t found where they’re documented.

it’s not complete, poke support about updating it.

The snapmaker 2.0 firmware source code is better than the documentation, but it seems like it lags the official firmware releases. I haven’t seen the Artisan or J1 source released yet, so the 2.0 source is the best we have.

I went spelunking in the Original’s source, and it appears to be a hard fork of Marlin (it’s hard to tell because they stripped out the git history from the .zip file). The 2.0 source appears to be a new hard fork of Marlin, and not based on the Original’s code. Despite that, they implemented most or all of the custom SM GCode’s in the 2.0. Without seeing the Artisan or J1 code, I can’t speculate on how much of the 2.0 code lives on.