3D printing settings no longer saving between use?

Hi there,

I am not sure if its just 3.8.0, but since the last two updates all my custom print settings disappear when I close Luban, but my material settings stay (ie, fine detail print settings are all gone and only default are there (low/med/high), but the different temp and diameter settings do stay)

Anyone experiencing this issue or is it something that can be added to the fix list?

Yes, I’m having the same issue with 3.8.0
I can’t seem to load a saved custom print setting either.

Ditto, thought it was just me not understanding the interface well yet. (Or rather, something ‘saves’ but I can never ‘re-load’ it.)

I’ve just been very careful about checking everything, every print, so far.

The custom print settings do disappear after closing Luban.

I am having the same problem with Luban 3.8. When I upgraded from Luban 3.7 to 3.8, all of my custom Printing Settings disappeared. I exported all of them to JSON files before the upgrade and when I try to Import them into Luban 3.8 they do not appear in my Customize Profile list. When I create a new Custom Profile in Luban 3.8 it works, but if I try to save it to file and try to Import it doesn’t work. If I close Luban 3.8, any new Custom Profiles I created are lost when I reopen the program. If I reinstall Luban 3.7, my old Profiles and the new Profiles I created in Luban 3.8 are available. So for the time being I am using Luban 3.7, has anyone found a solution for 3.8?

Not yet. I am doing the same as you with using 3.7 as I had many custom profiles I do not want to have to recreate each time I start the program.