Luben in Flathub (Linux)

Raising this here, for all the Linux users, to gauge interest for snapmaker with my request to provide a flatpak version of Luban.

From the FlatHub FAQ, App developers can submit their apps to be distributed to Flathub’s growing user base, thus providing a single gateway to the entire Linux desktop ecosystem.

I have created the following github issue for the feature request. Feature Request: Luben flatpak and on Flathub · Issue #2371 · Snapmaker/Luban · GitHub

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Hi, From my experience Luban does not work with all LINUX distributions. Using Linux Mint, the newest versions will not work. Ubuntu is ok. From this point of view, a common distribution source does not seem not be helpful for me, dispite of the rather complicated update procedure …
Best Peter

Yep, understand that pov, that said using flatpak does resolve most of that. Flatpak packages ship with the req libraries, it goes a long way to enable packages on different distros. Luben is an electron based application uses a well known upstream build system to build win/macos/Linux. I’ve already submitted a small pull request to fix a common issue for installing luban on Linux. So at least when anyone tries their favourite deb or rpm disto it doesn’t fail to install.

I can already build luben myself as a flatpak, just silly to not have that for everyone who uses Linux as their daily driver (btw, flatpak is how most run Linux apps on ChromeOS). It’s literally an additional switch in the build config when building for all OS’s.

Luben is pretty awesome or I wouldn’t be motivated to help.