Luban 3.12.3 with Debian 10

I just downloaded the .deb package and installed in on Debian 10. I had to install libappindicator3-1 manually but it appears Luban has installed corectly.

I then tried to run the program from the All Applications / Utilities link and nothing happens.

The link properties show the application is /usr/share/applications/snapmaker-luban{.desktop}. That file shows the application is Exec="/opt/Snapmaker Luban/snapmaker-luban" %U

I tried running snapmaker-luban directly from a terminal and I get:

/opt/Snapmaker Luban$ ./snapmaker-luban
Trace/breakpoint trap

Not sure what the problem is now. Any ideas?


You may have hit the same electron permissions problem that I did. Luban (as of version 3.10.2) won’t run on Linux unless the chrome-sandbox file shipped with it has suid permissions, despite the fact that this is fundamentally insecure. Version 3.7.0 doesn’t require anything to have the suid bit set (and indeed doesn’t include the chrome-sandbox binary), which is why I keep it around even though it’s missing many months’ worth of bug fixes. I’m not sure about versions in between those two—I haven’t bothered to test them.

If this is in fact the reason you can’t run the program, you’re going to have to decide for yourself whether to stick with the older version of Luban, take isolation precautions with the newer version such as wrapping it in a virtual machine, or allow a buggy program written by the Snapmaker staff and encumbered with Google libraries root-level access to your computer.

While there is a command-line flag that is supposed to disable the sandboxing, it does not, in my experience, work with Luban.

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I’m not really concerned with the laptop I am using not being secure. It’s isolated in my setup.

What is the workaround to use Luban 3.12.3 if it is a suid issue with chrome-sandbox?


Disclaimer: I haven’t yet installed the version you are trying. I have previously installed an older version which just worked.

Have you got chrome installed, it may pull in other missing libraries. Also, did you install Luban with dpkg or apt?

I will have a look in the morning to see if I can give you any other advice.


chrome is installed (I had it installed before trying to install luban).

I installed Luban with dpkg using the snapmaker-luban-3.12.3-linux-amd64.deb file.

Annoying… Still can’t get 3.12.3 to work. I also tried 3.13.0, 3.11.0, and 3.10.2. The all don’t work.

But, I got 3.9.0 to run.

So, what’s the issue with the newer versions?

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Hello! I’m having troubles running luban in debian 10 too.
the error i get is shown below.
However, how did you get 3.9.0 to work? I’m having similar problems (error message is a bit different, but it looks like the same error)

at ...snapmaker-luban-3.10.2-linux-x64/resources/app/node_modules/@babel/runtime/helpers/asyncToGenerator.js:21:12
(node:4635) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection. This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). (rejection id: 3)


3.9.0 worked by just installing it.

I still can’t get the latest 3.12.3 version to work. Which is a problem since the CNC feature in 3.9.0 appears to be a beta and doesn’t seem to work.

This silly thing is getting really frustrating!

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