Luban needs basic shape tools - Align, Distribute, Space, Group

It is difficult, painful, and time-consuming to organize a piece, especially test pieces when you cannot group, align, distribute, and space objects neatly.

Luban 4.10.2

I had to manually position each object in this piece, and when I tried to move them, Luban often shifted them by 10ths of mm. Would have been much faster to group a line, duplicate and distribute or space the rows.

All that stuff works IF you know how to use it. Why post multiple “Defect” threads when you haven’t done your homework.

Because I have read the user manual…scant as it is, and do not see those abilities.

Also, I don’t see those abilities in a right-click menu, on the right panel, in the menus, or in the user manual.

So…I did my homework, but if they exist they don’t even show up when Google’d.

@snapUser Here is an image of multiple objects selected, showing all of the interface areas…including right-click menu…

Show me where alignment and grouping are…