Luban Laser Module not working. Showing unhappy face

I recently upgraded the firmware to V1,12.0 while I was using the 3d head. I switched to the laser head and can not get anything to work.

First, snapmaker said I had to upgrade the firmware but it also said it was the latest version. I fixed this by upgrading using a file from the USB.

Second, Luban is not showing any output on my source file. It just shows an unhappy face inthe upper left corner. For the life of me, I can find out any other reason it would be unhappy.

Am I missing a error log somewhere?

Did you upgrade the laser head also?
You have to upgrade each module separately by running firmware upgrade from usb repeatedly for each.


Have you tried updating to v1.12.1? There were some bugs in v1.12.0, and v1.12.1 adds the ability automatically update modules as they are attached, without requiring you install the firmware multiple times from USB. You simply need to power down, attach the module, and then power up, for the module to be updated using the currently installed firmware that is on the controller.

Have you update Snapmaker Luban to V3.15.1. Snapmaker Luban Downloads and Updates - #24 by parachvte

If so, please a screenshot of Luban. In addition, I am not sure about the unhappy face in the upper left corner.


Thank you for the replies. I did upgrade my print head via USB. version is now 1.12.1_20210419. It is strange that it is not more obvious that you have to upgrade each module and the firmware option on the device does not work.

The real question is what does this mean? Is there a real error message somewhere?


it IS strange.

I dont like it, because I havent even used laser or CNC yet, and its not going to assist me in updating the module firmware automatically if and when I do end up using them???

The snapmaker unit only updated my3d printing head when I update via the wireless update. then it would not let me update it again. Hopefully the update to the next version will be easier.

I clicked on a bunch of stuff. I selected 4d axis then 3d axis again and the unhappy face went away. I wish there were better error messages

Issue received. I have forwarded this error message to our UI team.