Luban CNC On The Path/Outline Issues

HI, I am having issues with Luban with both Laser and CNC with some files such as DXF CAD files where if I set it to Outline its missing large parts of the detail in the file to cut out.

In On The Line everything looks correct but in Outside its removing detail from the parts.

Any suggestions on this as is causing issues with correct t sizing of parts for cutting.

Here is a preview of the same file on the path vs outline

Unfortunately, I’ve had this same problem for years, have posted about it and received little in the way of replies. As far as I can tell, Luban doesn’t calculate tool width when working with any sort of vector lines. It does when it fills, but not with lines themselves. It does correctly use the tool width when dealing with pixel-images (jpg, png, etc), and when filling inside the shape, but when you specifically want to cut along lines (inside or outside), it doesn’t. Since it knows the tool size (if you set it), it shouldn’t be hard, but it just… doesn’t.

Hopefully someone knows more/better than me, but that’s my experience and when I asked years ago, I didn’t really get any sort of knowledgeable answer. I gave up. I ended up using the CAM engine in Fusion for that particular project, but many jobs would be far quicker and easier if I could do it from Luban. I haven’t got back to it.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I hope it helps to know at leas you’re not doing anything wrong.