Luban 4.8.2 not working properly

Due to personal issues I haven’t used Luban and my 3d printers for a while.
This week got inspiration to do some printing and got to work.
Ofcourse I had to update luban.
I could get a STL imported and exported Gcode to file onto an USB stick and print, that worked.
But I wanted to do a reprint with different settings.
I could not change from normal print settings, I was missing the other options.
I could not find the option to change the build plate temperature.
There was no print time indication after generating Gcode, which I always found useful.
These were just some issues I found.
Maybe some people have found some more.
Hope it can be fixed
Kind Regards

Issue #10

I have the same issue on 4.5 and 4.8. After I select the process for laser engraving an image, the image does not get g-code generated.

I create a file in Inkscape which is basically a circle with text around. I save as a svg file and import to Luban. The text is visible for a few seconds and then disappears, leaving just the circle.

Same issue with 4.8.2 : Luban starts but never load the interface once Print mode is selected. UNUSABLE