Luban 4.6.3 - Will Not Close/Exit - Potential Bug

Steps to reproduce in Windows:

  1. Open Luban, go to workspace. Import GCode file (issue happens with GCode slice in either Luban or Cura)
  2. Go Back, open 3D Printing, and notice the Home screen stays in a Loading status in the right pane.
  3. Try to close with the red X, File>>Exit, or Atl+F4. The application does not respond to this command. It is otherwise functional.
  4. Notice under task manager there are five threads running, multiple using CPU.
  5. Ending these threads via task manager is the only way to close the application.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled using the latest EXE from the snapmaker site, the issue persists.

Restart computer and try to open as administrator.

If that don’t help try install in compabilaty mode

May that will help