Looking for some particular advice

I’m a multimedia artist and designer running an arts centre in central france
( https://www.facebook.com/arthousechantelle )
My A350 arrived two days ago, and is now almost set up to print. I’m looking for advice first on printing MOULDS for casting other materials. (In all three modes I hope to be creating prototypes for artworks that can be produced as multiples, probably by then sub-contracting to other artisans)
Someone out there may be working in a similar way, and it would be good to share ideas, information, and progress.

After you become situated, Cura has a setting to produce a mold of the 3d object built in.

I haven’t tried it personally.

Give yourself some time to get used to printing though.

This guy makes lots of stuff, including moulds for cement plant pots, and moulds for vacuum forming to make chocolate Pikachu

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Thank you, I will investigate.