Linear bearings for Y-axis

Hi, did someone ever think about adding linear bearings to the Y-axis to stabilize the height of the buildplate below the nozzle?

Yes, @Toxic did:

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I’ll have a look at that solution :+1:t2:

Hi! I added a linear rail to the center of the bed, and mounted the block on the baseplate in line of the x-axis (hope this makes sense).

This way, there is an extra support on the place where force will be applied and constant height is essential.

Because of the way it was desigend, the bed is really stable in the middle but has some flex on i’s extremities.

So with my mod, i keep the strength of the rails in te center, and add strength at min and max position.

This mod really stiffened up the bed at it’s extremities and my snapmaker has been a blast to use. Once calibrated i can use the whole platform and big pronts get reall good first layers.


Nice idea as well. Did you move the splitters for YZ linear modules? This might also be a good approach for A250 users that don’t have as much space.

For future reference, this thread has also collected a lot of mods to minimize rocking : Minimize rocking