Lighting and Fan Power changed with latest firmware

There have been some subtle changes to the Enclosure Fan and Light power via the latest firmware update. Prior to the update the enclosure lights seemed brighter and the fan seemed faster. The command M1010 S4 P100 no longer puts the fan at full power. Instead you need to enter M1010 S4 P250. This will get the fan speed up faster. Same thing for the lights M1010 S3 P250 will bring the enclosure lights to full power.

Unfortunately this can only be done via the Luban interface and not the touchpad. The touch pad sends a lower power command.

I hope they fix that

We have fixed this issue. The new firmware will be released recently. We need to test the touchscreen firmware before release it.

Commands for the LED and fan.

M1010 S3 P255 ; LED’s On at 100%
M1010 S3 P192 ; LED’s On at 75%
M1010 S3 P128 ; LED’s On at 50%
M1010 S3 P64 ; LED’s On at 25%
M1010 S3 P0 ; LED’s OFF

M1010 S4 P255 ; Enclosure Fan 100%
M1010 S4 P192 ; Enclosure Fan 75%
M1010 S4 P128 ; Enclosure Fan 50%
M1010 S4 P64 ; Enclosure Fan 25%
M1010 S4 P0 ; Enclosure Fan OFF


Awesome. Thats a fast fix

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Will try to push this issue and release it soon. You can keep your eyes in this page


Thanks for the update.