Library which allows communication with Snapmaker over wifi without Luban

Hello everyone,

Recently I started creating small library of functions for snapmaker. My library allows you to connect to snapmaker http API and execute GCodes. I’m doing this just for fun. In the end I plan to simulate serial port so that I can connect Octoprint and other tools to my snapmaker without usb.

For now my project has only basic functionalities Connect/Disconnect/Status/Send gcode but if anyone is interested on how snapmaker api works it might be a good starter :slight_smile:

Its written in golang BTW.

Here is the link: GitHub - sm2hacks/smlib: Library for snapmaker wireless functionalities

I was actually looking into this a few days ago, now I don’t have to. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll make sure to look deeper into your work when I get home from work. Thanks.

There is a Cura plugin for Snapmaker: Ultimaker Cura Marketplace or GitHub - macdylan/Snapmaker2Plugin: Snapmaker 2 Plugin for Cura . I skimmed it. It appears that you both covered the same api endpoints, but I might’ve missed something. The GCode changes probably aren’t something that Octoprint will have enough information to do