Level adjustment after tool head replacement

I think it might have been discussed in the past, but when replacing the tool head and returning to 3D printing, I would like the previous level adjustment values to be restored. We frequently switch between 3D printing and laser processes, and performing the 11x11 calibration each time is very inconvenient due to the time it takes.

You would need a very precise mounting mechanism with that.
Your first layer is anywhere from 0.15 to 0.2mm thick and above.
The clearance on the mounting boltes is greater then 0.5mm. So you can be two/three times lower then you was last time and crash.

It should be better with the quick swap, but nobody tested yet.

Mounting bolts have been using only two on the top and one on the bottom. Because the head hangs on the bolt, the height is fixed, and there is no deviation. After detecting the level at 11x11 points each time, lowering the head by 2.1mm results in a perfect fit with a 0.2mm metal gap gauge. We have been replacing the tool approximately four times a week for the past three months, and it’s the same every time.

That is some skill you build up. I’m always off.
Maybe you can look into M420 and load the stored bed leveling after tool change?

:face_exhaling: Well, let’s try again today.

It’s actually the removal and reinstall of the heated bed that has the greatest affect on the level calibration. The difference can be quite significant. If you are able to keep the heated bed mounted solidly when using the other toolheads, it would almost entirely alleviate this issue.

I detailed my test data on the subject here…

Thank you for the interesting report.
After replacing the toolhead and starting the printing process, a confirmation message appears asking whether to perform level adjustment. The fact that you can choose suggests that there may be cases where you can proceed with printing without performing it. However, in my environment, the print head started printing from a position about 10mm higher.
If users cannot determine whether leveling is necessary after replacing the toolhead, I believe this option is unnecessary.
If there is an option, I would hope that at least the leveling values used during the previous session can be retained for use.

It starts there because of the z offset, you can check how high your current mesh is with command in console and correct it.

Introducing Quick Swap seems like it would resolve the issues caused by screws. I haven’t implemented Quick Swap, but I place the laser bed directly on top of the heated bed, so there is no variation due to re-tightening screws.

I imagine it would remove the error from the screws, but may introduce it’s own error. Someone would have to thoroughly test and measure it.