Left over screws

Ive had my snapmaker for a while now, but recently went through the left over items and noticed that i only had 3 M8 (short screws) left.

Ive not attached any of the other modules (laser, cnc).

Am i supposed to have three of them or two of them? Is there one extra?

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Yes, I have three of the shorter m4 x 8mm screws leftover too. I believe those are for the clamps when doing CNC or laser engraving.

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Have had a number of things that I’ve bought that require assembly, and it seems somewhat common to include extras of some screws/nuts in case there was a miscount. That way the customer is still able to assemble the machine. Also, with these very small allen heads, if the screw gets stripped by over-tightening, there is a replacement already available.


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They’re too short for that. I think they’re simply spares. The longer M4 screws are definitely for the CNC/laser clamps.