Layers offset after power loss recovering


Sorry for the late reply.

We are discussing and analyzing this issue. It seems that something wrong with the machine. I will keep you updated about this issue.

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Please try this file, and I want to confirm if the linear modules are loosenedfor_lion.gcode (240.0 KB) .

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@Edwin Hi Edwin, thanks for your reply. It did it again, but at different height and still the same direction and offset same value…

I think the printing module does not move back to the pause-point of the model.
Please do one more test. You need to shoot the movement of the nozzle when you do a pause-resume process, we want to confirm if the pause-resume feature is not working.

Please clearly shoot the movement path of the nozzle during the pause-resume process. And export the log files from the touchscreen and send it to me via

Here is a video for your reference:

Hi @Edwin,
Here are the shoots you asked for, I hope I made it clear enough.
Video there:

Also I noticed that: when initializing a print, I noticed on the Y axis, when the platform hit the bottom of the linear module, there is a slight rotation of the platform on Z axis clockwise ( see between 0:15 and 0:16 on the video :point_down:. Could it be linked ? Is that a matter ?
See video there:

Logs has been sent to the support mail.

Thanks for the help.

Please make it available to me. Thanks. :smile:

@Edwin, Oh, sorry for that :sweat_smile:. It should work now !

@Edwin @Lion

Hi there, as I am currently having the same problem with my A350, I would like to know whether there is an update on this issue

Thanks for the help!

@Theodk Hi,
Sorry I forgot to publish an update, but my problem has been solved in the meantime, thanks to @Edwin . During the sequence just before printing, the printing platform made a movement on the “Y” axis. When reaching the end of the linear module, there was a slight collision which caused the platform to rotate a few thousand degrees. This was enough so that at some point in the future, the stored tension would be released and create the offset. In my case the firmware solved the problem.

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Hi @Lion

Thanks for your reply, I recognize the issue of hearing some sort of collision when traveling to the maximum point of the Y linear module before printing. I’ll try the new firmware, thanks!

Glad to know that you have solved this issue. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help from us.

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