Laser stability issue or failure?

Not sure how to describe my surprise with the laser module. I was cutting some card stock for my wife who does scrapbooks for schools and greeting cards. My issue is that in a single square 3 x 5 there gaps on the line burned or cut by the laser, almost like a dotted line at times of gaps of about 1/4" to 1/2". White card stock, don’t know the lbs. of the paper. It doesn’t happen any other time.
36 speed, 70% power, is this thing going bust?

White can be tricky sometimes. Doesn’t absorb energy well so focus is super critical.
Is the paper perfectly flat?
Also, why 70% power? When cutting should always be 100%. Run faster if you can get by with less power.



That might be the reason, white color, anything white reflects every color around it (wave lengths) , while black absorbs every color, color theory from graphic design college), good point on that.
70% power is because I was trying not too get burn marks around the edges, but then tried with a dark green cardboard and went just fine, perhaps I answered my own question. What bothers me the most is the gaps on the cut lines and yes, the material was totally flat, stretched out by small pieces of masking tape around the corner.
Thank you for your comment, made me think on the white be the reason, I’ll try a couple of other things and I’ll report back, thanks!

Faster = less scorch
Can try multiple passes to see if that works better.


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