Laser module for making regular and flexible circuit boards

After some experimentation I was able to produce nice copper-clad circuit boards and flexible boards (Kapton tape backed). Using the laser with PCB dry-film photoresist, followed standard processing to etch the copper and remove the resist material.

The best prints for my applications use the laser at 10% power w/ an engrave speed of around 400 mm/minute.Higher power results in light bleeding on the photoresist causing the small tracks and pads to overlap. For the fiberglass board, the track size is about 0.5mm.

Video of flexible circuit after placing parts can be seen at the following link:


Would you mind writing a step by step?
Or do you have any “instructables” anywhere?


Hi @nmohnot,

Sorry for the delay. I don’t have an Instructable, but I’d be happy to write up and share the steps I took (as well as the materials I used). I’ll try and get that together in the next few days and I’ll post it here.