Laser etch on aluminium?

Hi folks, tried searching for an answer but have not seen one. Can I use the laser to etch on aluminium tags. I want to etch our logo on tags that I can then use for key rings.
Thanks and sorry if it has already been answered

From what I have seen here on the forums and on the FB group I would say no it is not possible unless you are etching off an anodised or paint coating on top of the aluminium.

You’d be better off engraving it using the CNC if you are using raw aluminium.

You might be able to use marking spray like that from Cermark, or what I use, the poor man’s version: Dry Moly Lube. I haven’t tried on aluminum to know if it works on that.
Definitely could cnc it.

I posted this in a different thread:

According to @Edwin, an 8W laser module is in the works. No idea if that helps, but as Top Gear always says: “More Power!”


The high power laser module, rotary module, and the emergency button are being tested now and will be released in the second half of 2020. According to our public roadmap, the XL-CNC is not available this year.

In addition, the rotary module is coming up soon.

Rotary module for A250: 327 * 112 * 104mm(LDH)
Rotary module for A350: 427 * 112 * 104mm(LDH)

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Thank you!I am awaiting for the tags to arrive, they do have a colour coating, so will try and post the result. Then try the CNC function… Yet to venture

Ok, I got the aluminium tags, which are pretty thin, tried the laser module and although it did etch, it didn’t really break the paint at 100% intensity. So you really can’t see the engraving, unless you turn it at an angle. I then tried the CNC, darn, broke the first bit, but managed to get quite a good impression on the tags. I will need to play with the depth as it ended up just a little deep and sort of warped the tags. Overall, it worked really well with the CNC module!!!

I tried laser engraving aluminium at 100% power with the 10w laser @ 35mm/min and it works. Basically just go really slowly.

I have etches different metals, even the back of iPhone cases. I use a Sharpie and have the laser go over that. Then rubbing alcohol to get the marker off of it.

Haven’t had a problem yet.

could you post a picture?