Laser engraving materials

has anyone been able to laser etch on a simple white ceramic tile?
What about Plexiglass?
regular glass?
I picked up some samples of these and tried the ceramic tile first and it did nothing. I haven’t had a chance to test any other materials yet.

Ceramic tile is probably too hard.

I’ve been able to etch amber acrylic/plexiglass without anything.
With anything white or clear or light colored the laser isn’t powerful enough and because of the color doesn’t absorb enough energy to do anything. You need to use some type of coating that will transfer the energy. On some things black sharpie has worked well. My best results have been using Dry Moly Lube. Clean surface with isopropyl alcohol, spray on a few coats (let dry in between) and then laser. Wipe off any remaining with alcohol.
You can try this with ceramic tile. It will either work or do absolutely nothing. Doesn’t seem to be an in between.

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According to @Edwin, an 8W laser module is in the works. No idea if that helps, but as Top Gear always says: “More Power!”

Thanks for the replay. Maybe I’ll try painting the tiles black or something and just use it to etch the paint off. and I could definitely use more power.