Laser Engraved Ceramic Tiles

This is what I have been recently working on and these ceramic tiles turn out great.

image image


Welcome @khurram4s

Thank you for sharing your success here. These photos are very impressive.

I hope other users can learn something from your works.



Hi Edwin,

I have a few questions if you don’t mind me asking. What color were the tiles originally? Do you mind sharing your settings? I have an A350 and tried this a few times with very little success.

Are these ceramic tiles something you can pick up at Home Depot?

I am too interested in the type and color of the tiles you used to create these very good job but a little feedback please thats what these forums are for to help out people with questions thank you

@Atl yes they are the same ceramic tiles

@Ewjames These are white ceramic tile 20x20cm size. I just spray painted these and let it dry for 24 hours. Laser engraved with the standard setting. Images were processed through Gimp.

Thank you very much for your reply :grinning: