Laser bed and silicon plug: can't use it!

Hi guys,
I think the way to use the silicon plugs on the laser bed is really crap solution! What do you think?
Is there a good and simple way to fix the materials to the laser bed?

Yeah, they suck.

Blue tape.

If you’re just engraving and not going beyond the boundaries of your object the cnc bed and clamps works fine. Just remember to add the extra height of the cnc bed to your thickness if your’e using auto-focus.
If you search thingiverse someone made some replacements you can print out of flexible filament. I personally didn’t like them. I think my tpu is on the harder end.


Ok thanks for response!

Sorry for the stupid question… when you say blue tape you means just a “paper tape” or the blue tape is a special tape? :slight_smile:

The blue masking tape like you use when painting.
Or like is recommended for the bed for 3d printing.

Thank you!
Sorry, just to be sure… :slight_smile:

Ha, I was pretty surprised by how terrible those silicon plugs were, too. Someone posted print files on thingiverse for some custom replacements, and they look like they’ll work really well. (link)

For now, I’ve just been using binder clips whenever I can get away with it. You have to use pretty massive ones, and there are only a few places on the work surface where they’ll clamp on, but they’re sure better than the plugs.

Those are the ones I mentioned. I didn’t find them useful. Don’t know if my tpu was too hard or if I needed to play around with sizing them. Didn’t fit into my slots. I was using the updated version which were supposed to have a taper but definitely needed more taper for me.


I agree ! first thing I did was create a better version of the silicone plugs.
ptinted in PLA and they are awesome. slide into the laserbed and twist to block

STL available. I’m a new user and apparently I can’t upload a file. if anybody wants the STL just mail me

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And obviously you can always upload it to thingiverse or another site to share your designs

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STL file for the silicone butplug alternative :wink: