Laser table plugs

Does anyone know where I can purchase more of the silicone plugs that are used to hold the sample in place while laser etching?

Print your own. Most people hate them and end up using something else. There are a couple alternate designs on Thingiverse.

Or just use blue tape.

Can always email support.

I find those plugs mostly useless. They’re difficult to insert and they don’t hold down anything. I usually use 2-sided poster tape to hold the item down.

Museum putty AKA quake hold. Just a little Gob on the sides grips just fine

As others have said, print your own using TPU. There is a good design on Thingiverse which works very well.

Do you have a link to the plugs on Thingiverse? I couldn’t find them when searching for “plugs” or “mounts”.

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