Large gcode generation an issue

Is generating large gcode files still an issue in Luban? (see Large File size issues for an old post where it was).
I’m trying to generate code to mill aluminum, so very small cuts and small crossover.
You can repeat the issue I’m having by loading either of the default chess pieces in Luban. Create a toolpath with a flat-end mill with 0.1m stepdown - leave 1-2mm of material. Repeat with a V bit (for finishing), and 0.1mm stepdown and stepover. It will stop/freeze at 80% and never get past it (CPU drops to 0, etc., so there’s no life or processing going on at this stage). raise the settings a bit, and it will work. The largest file I have made is about 240mb. This roughly correlates with the post I linked to before, which suggested at 250mb limit…

Several versions later, and it seems like Luban still has this basic 250mb file size limit!

If this is still a hard limit for whatever reason, is there a way to do a rough pass and finish pass across separate files (without having the finish hanging out in the air for half a week while it goes through the area already cut)?