Just printed a Pickle Rick and colored it

Pickle Rick is absolutely amazing (Rick&Morty fans show me your hands) and having a real one would be great. :crazy_face: So I decided to 3d print it and try to color it.
Downloaded the model and sliced it in Snapmakerjs, set the layer height at 0.1mm, outer wall speed at 20mm/s and inner wall speed at 30mm/s. Generate support (%15 density) and here you go.

Well…didn’t even finish the support part. Guess the print bed haven’t been calibrated perfectly.
So I recalibrated it and uncheck the support to see if I could print directly.

Ewww, that was unexpected. Obviously support is necessary. Gave it another try:

Nice~~But soon I realized a density of 15% could be a disaster when I tried to remove the support structure. That spent me 1 hour (or more).
Anyway, it was time to take out the paint and palette.

:laughing:The outcome wasn’t bad at all.

In case you want the model: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-pickle-rick-39570


How long did it take you? :+1:

Real nice. Niiice BURRP

Almost half a day :rofl:

:joy: :joy: BURRP !*