Just my F350 has the issue? how about yours?

When my F350 print parts have overhang but don’t need support with PLA, always found the same issues that the edge of overhang part upswept abnormally. I have tried to adjust 110% fan speed in luban, or sliced parts in PrusaSlicer with different parameters, print speed, changed PLA filaments, but still not work for me.
I had sent the 3D printing module to Snapmaker office, and they changed the fan and return to me, but the issue still there, not improved too much.

BUT BUT… my another 3D printer Creality CR-6SE can print all the same parts perfectly, I’m wonder if all F350 have this issue or just mine has.

Waiting your kindly feedback, guys. Thanks.

Does 110% fan actually do anything? I suspect not. My prints do the same thing, so I have to bring in my Dyson and blow it on the prints to cool them properly.

Thanks for your information. I had done like you mentioned before, just hold a small fan to blow nozzle, that can make F350 work perfectly. Whether mean F350 relatively can’t keep nozzle cool enougth by it’s own.

Looks like a fairly steep overhang, and it’s on the opposite side of the cooling duct. It’s also pretty close to the heatbed, so it’s catching the heat rising off it and not getting enough fan. You didn’t say what temps you were running at or anything, also setting the fan higher than 100% won’t do any good (or actually disable the fan, there was a bug in the laser module code that wouldn’t clamp the ranges and use random data as a power level, which would shutoff the laser).

Orient your model with the overhangs facing the left side of the module (where the part cooling fan is), decrease your heatbed temp to 45-50C (PLA can actually be printed with no heated bed), and try 195-200C on the hotend.

Seems like even the “new” printing module with the improved air flow is still a bit weak on print cooling - not too surprised honestly, the fan in the module is rather tiny. Look at what those with the original module have done: 3DP Part Cooling Fan 5015 Replacement - I guess this mod will improve things.

Thanks for your suggestion, I had tried the temps at 190C, 195C and 200C, but not changed too much.
The whole part likes a circular is composed of small part like this, so there always are some parts are on the opposite of the cooling duct even rotate the model on the heatbed.

If can’t find easy solution, it will be the last choice for me definitely, Thanks Huake