Join the Discussion on the Quick Start Guide: Online Wiki vs. Traditional Paper Manual

Hey Snapmaker enthusiasts!

We’re having a friendly debate about the pros and cons of an online Wiki Quick Start Guide versus a traditional paper Quick Start Guide. We want to hear your thoughts, so jump into the discussion and let us know which format you prefer!

Which format do you think is more user-friendly and practical? Share your opinion and engage with other community members by replying to this topic. Let’s have a productive discussion and learn from the community!

Vote Now: Which Format Do You Prefer for Snapmaker Quick Start Guide?

  • :globe_with_meridians: Online wiki: Easy access, searchability, and real-time updates.
  • :books: Traditional manual: Tangible, portable, and familiar.
  • :briefcase: I’m open to both formats: I see the benefits of both options.
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If the manual is in my language, I prefer the paper form. In digital form, I can simply hand it over to my translation software.

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I appreciate how often the Wiki is updated, but when I am setting up and using the machine, I like to have the manual in my hands as a reference. I appreciate up to date paper copies of manuals, but understand that there will always be the need to add additional information which can be quickly added to the Wiki.


Agree with @nsclemmer.

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Things change. Features, firmware. A guide that is updating is a very good thing.

I should like the electronic version but my experience is that the indexing of electronic versions is very inadequate: mostly in that there is no actual indexing, just some sort of a google-search utility such that, if one is searching for something every single mention of the word comes up (often with far too many results to be useful) or the search won’t find phrases and then the first issue is simply multiplied. A good properly indexed manual (whether paper or PDF) is often more functional for me.
Having said that a wiki should be better - contributors could enhance the search result with finer detail or more info - but I don’t find that always is actually the case.

As I got my snapmaker 2 years ago (preorder version), I was happy to have the paper manual.
I had no problems setting it up with it :-).
But there have been some optimizations of the manual, so I’m glad to have a better version online.

And I like turtles