J1s cannot home and the moving dial is spinning non-stop

I am having issues with my J1S, it is brand new only used it for a day. I was taking out a print and loaded a new print via USB. Noticed that nothing moved when i started a print, hot end was not heating up and bed was not heating up. I restarted the printer by turning the switch off and on. Tested the hotend and bed and it was fine. Until i pressed the home button to move the printer. It did not move and it was spinning non stop. i restarted my printer plenty of times.

Can anyone advice and what i should do?

Have you disconnected the USB plug again?
If in doubt, you have to reset it

Hi there. Thanks for the reply. I did. And it does not work. Should I facto try reset it? I cannot think of an alternative solution.

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Yes, you have no other alternative.
Remember if you have done anything else.

Honestly nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe change the retraction distance on the slicer. But I cannot imagine that would be the cause of the whole problem. I wish I can attach a video to show what I am dealing with.

Did a factory reset and it is still not working. The wizard cannot even start now due to the entire printer not being able to move. Hopeing snapmaker support will reply soon.