J1 suggestions for printing ABS (bed adhesion issues)

I was wondering if anyone has printed ABS on the J1, and if you had any adhesion issues. I have cleaned my build plate with IPA (99%) on both sides, PEI and glass. I have not been able to get a good first layer to stick. Is it necessary to use an adhesion helper (glue stick, hair spray, acetone/abs slurry, etc.) in order to get good adhesion? Anyone who’s had success please chime in and let me know what to use.


While I do not have a J1, nor have I printed ABS, I can say PEI will work fine with it. I’ve printed ASA (the better upgrade to ABS) on PEI on my A350.

You should not need any sort of adhesion agent, just a really good clean surface. When I find that IPA just isn’t enough, I’ll take the built plate to the sink and use hot water + plain dawn dish soap. The surfactant in the dawn (or whatever your local brand is, just make sure it’s not fragrant, ‘easy on hands’ lotion infused etc) lifts off any grease, oils, or other contaminants, and the pure volume of water helps wash them away. Afterwards, dry with a paper towel (or heat the headbed to ~80C and let dry for a few minutes) and you should be good.

Try 3DLAC on the glass plate.