J1 suggestions for printing ABS (bed adhesion issues)

I was wondering if anyone has printed ABS on the J1, and if you had any adhesion issues. I have cleaned my build plate with IPA (99%) on both sides, PEI and glass. I have not been able to get a good first layer to stick. Is it necessary to use an adhesion helper (glue stick, hair spray, acetone/abs slurry, etc.) in order to get good adhesion? Anyone who’s had success please chime in and let me know what to use.


While I do not have a J1, nor have I printed ABS, I can say PEI will work fine with it. I’ve printed ASA (the better upgrade to ABS) on PEI on my A350.

You should not need any sort of adhesion agent, just a really good clean surface. When I find that IPA just isn’t enough, I’ll take the built plate to the sink and use hot water + plain dawn dish soap. The surfactant in the dawn (or whatever your local brand is, just make sure it’s not fragrant, ‘easy on hands’ lotion infused etc) lifts off any grease, oils, or other contaminants, and the pure volume of water helps wash them away. Afterwards, dry with a paper towel (or heat the headbed to ~80C and let dry for a few minutes) and you should be good.

Try 3DLAC on the glass plate.

I have printed quite a lot of ABS on my J1. Needed a glossy surface so glass side of buildplate was the only option. Even with typical cleaning/washing buildplate adhesion was not reliable with ABS I had. Used DimaFix spray I had by me and problem was gone. Worked with 90 Celsius buildplate temperature. No warping even on large prints covering over 50% of the buildplate. I did wash off lacquer layer every 5-6 days and re-spray. Do not be tempted of overuse - light mist and you are done!

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If adhesion issues are your problem, I’ve found that slowing the first layer down and adding more heat to the buildplate and/or hot end (depending on the filament) is where I should start.

For PETG, I get PERFECT first layers at .3, 235°C extruder, 85°C bed, and 15mm/sec print speeds and no fan. After that, I increase to 60mm/sec, use a .1 or .2 layer height, and decrease the extruder and bed temps to 215°C and 80°C, respectively.

I just set up my first ever ABS spools on the J1 and printed a temp tower, the first didn’t stick to the textured side of the build plate so I came here in hopes of finding the cure. Tried the smooth side with a little hair spray and the tower printed to completion, now I may need some help determining what the best temp is, 230 seems to be the best but could surely be improved I suspect. Any input is appreciated.

With my ABS@Snapmaker_J1 experience anything below 230 C is dangerous due to layer delamination. With 230-235 C (depending on speed you use) I have had very good results with great dimensional stability. Now I use modified “all copper” parts with M8 nozzles having larger temperature inertia than stock extruder so lately I use 230C with no problems at all.

That looks like the sweet spot for sure, still strings a little, for me, but I think I can work that out.
thanks for the input. hh

From time to time I do have tiny strings with some ABS as well. If they are so thin like flying in the air, I simply use heat gun to get rid of them - a light breeze of hot air and strings are gone. ABS is rather forgiving to such a method.
In cases of more pronounced stringing I have been increasing retraction for some 0.2-0.3mm, increasing retraction speed and acceleration, making travel speed and acceleration values somewhat higher.
In case of multiple parts being printed simultaneously it helps to place them as close as possible to avoid long travel moves.