J1 right printhead x-axis issue


I received my J1 printer last week, set it up and it was working great for a couple of days. The issue is that the right print head has stopped moving in the x-axis. During boot up, both x-axis motors have tension, can’t move by hand. After the printer finishes boot up the right motor looses x-axis tension, easy to move by hand.

I am using the latest firmware, v2.2.9 and the issue coincidently surfaced shortly after the latest firmware update. I have tried factory reset which didn’t fix the issue, now the printer is stuck in wizard mode as it can not complete the XY calibration, it fails every time as the right print head does not move. There is no issue feeding filament or reaching print temperature. If I try the print calibration within the wizard, the right print head stays docked and makes a mess by feeding filament into the filament wiper. I have emailed support and waiting for a response. Anyone else have experience or ideas about this particular issue??

Any help appreciated.

Managed to get past the calibration wizard screen and updated the firmware to v2.2.10, no change with issue??

Hi Jack_B, have you contacted our support?

I have been working with support for a week or so now.