J1/J1s Upgrades and Mods Contest

Snapmaker J1/J1S Upgrades and Mods Contest Winners Announcement :trophy:

Hello J1/J1s users! :star2:

We are thrilled to announce the results of our Upgrades and Mods Contest! This time around, we received submissions from 10 users, each showcasing their unique upgrades and modifications to the J1/J1s machines. We’ve carefully reviewed each entry and were truly impressed by the creativity and innovation displayed.

Snapmaker’s Picks:

Congratulations to all 10 participants!

Eric Manz Peter Sgerm Bastian Loderhose Alberto Boz

Søren Backmann James Bufkin Simone Bettini Jeffrey Edgett Gav Bak ChrisUFO

Your exceptional work has earned you the title of Snapmaker’s Picks. :tada:

We’ve compiled all these fantastic works into this forum thread, creating a valuable resource for our community. If you’re interested, take a look, and stay tuned! We’ll regularly update this thread with more user Upgrades and Mods, making it a dynamic source of inspiration and innovation.

Once again, a huge shoutout to everyone who participated! :raised_hands: Our moderators will be in touch with the winners for prize distribution. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the contest, feel free to share them in the comments.

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