Is M600 (Filament Change) Available on the Snapmaker

And please 701/702 as well, to be able to change the filament in octoprint (with the simple filament change plugin).

A lot has moved forward in the last few months. Has any movement happened on this Stop/Pause for filament change angle?


hasn’t been a firmware update.


Did you manage to do the filament change. If so I urgently would appreciate your support!!

No was not completed.

Carl E. Ondraka

I really need it and cant understand why it is not possible with Snapmaker. Every cheap machine is able to support this function

Most snapmaker users are hitting pause swapping material and resuming.

Carl E. Ondraka

It is possible

(not sure if you print from Luban, but it does when running from the touchscreen)
And your firmware must be up to date


Have you tried it yourself already, as i have tried this already as well! Without success. So i want to have a gcode which anyone else has tried and it worked so i know the problem is not on the gcode file but on the printer itself!!

What firmware version are you on? How are you running the job, what does your gcode look like?

You are really good at not providing any information in your posts

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this is my gcode…
S2A_Multicolourtest.gcode (19.6 KB)

That file looks fine. If that’s not working contact support I think. It’s possible they’ve broken something with the latest firmware version. That used to work at least.

OK I did. Lets see when they will answer

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In the meantime does filament runout detection work for you? M600 is intimately related to filament runout.

I did not try. I received my machine last week…

How can you see or try if working or not?

Start a print and then remove filament. Machine should pause.

Cut it behind the head or just pull it out during print job???

Either works, trigger the switch

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