Is it possible to manually control CNC head while bit is spinning?

Is it possible to get the head spinning then moving it around cutting as I go?


You could issue gcode commands for spindle start/stop and head movement manually via a connected computer, so technically yes, although it wouldn’t be terribly user-friendly.

In theory, yes. In practice, you would have to implement it. Look up “pendant controller” or “MPG” (manual pulse generator) as typical terms of art for what the hand-operated, physical user interface looks like.

You could turn the spindle on in the terminal and then Jog around if needed.

On the hand controller you can turn the spindle on and then move it around just like you would for setting the origin.


Ok, im a total “noob” as my son would say but what exactly would you want to get the head spinning first so you could then move it around cutting as you go? Do you u mean like hand engraving with the cnc attachment more or less?