Install a new fan with better efficieny and lower noise?

I want to change the fan because of the noise and the bad efficiency.
Perhaps NOISEBLOCK P1 Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro Fan P1, 80 mm
or NOISEBLOCK XC1 Noiseblocker BlackSilent Fan XC1, 80 mm.
I could not find the air performance of the original Ray fan.
the Noiseblock XC1 makes 35,7 m3/h
What do you think about this?


I don’t know what fan you have. For the SM 2.0 there are 2. The original and the ‘boosted’ exhaust. The original with 36 CFM and the boosted with 95 CFM. But not compatible with Ray. The boosted is noisy but it is needed to extract fumes while cutting wood. The air purifier makes noise too.

The thing is real that the original Artisan is 35 CFM.

Hy lutzkoebele,
instead of experimenting, I would get something like this straight away. I have an A350T with a 40W laser. Why do you ask?

  1. as buckfastbeekeeper already wrote, there are 2 for the Snapmaker 2.0, the original is totally overwhelmed with the 40W laser.

  2. after reading about it, I bought the Ducturbo, okay I had to adapt the exhaust air connections with an adapter from exhaust air hose 80mm diameter to Ducturbo 100mm diameter.

  3. but now let’s get to the advantages:

    The Ducturbo has almost three times as much power as the amplified fan for the SM 2.0

    The Ducturbo is 100% at full power, can be adjusted via potentiometer, and is still quieter than the cooling fan of the 40W laser.

This means that the cooling fan does not suck in as much of its own dirt and requires less cleaning.

I think that speaks for itself!

Fertig verbaut an meinem Snapmaker :

Works that with the airpurifier?

Hello buckfast_beekeeper,
I can’t answer that because, as you can see, the exhaust air is routed directly out of my window.
Unfortunately, I suspect “no” as the “Airpurifier” would inhibit the exhaust air through the filter, i.e. it would then become louder again, as I think that the filter cannot cope with the larger air flow that the Ducturbo has as it is intended for the standard fans!

But for all those who can lead the air directly out of the window, the better option than an 80mm fan (Boosted Exhaust Fan) which is louder at most because a higher speed is required, but still never comes close to the air volume of the Ducturbo which really ensures a smoke-free case. You only invest once, but then you have peace of mind. Quieter running with three times as much power!

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Hi Blausink,
thank you very much for your advice.
This seems to be a good solution. Now the weather is getting better in Berlin and I can roll my Ray out on my Balcony. So I´ve got time till next winter to install a Ducturbo.