Insert G-Code commands

Is there a way in Luban to insert G-Code commands at particular layers? I would like to:

  • pause the print, retract the print head, slide the work forward so I can manually insert an object into the print, then resume printing where it paused
  • pause a printing, retract print head, change filament and prime extruder, resume printing
  • insert other g-codes, like change the extruder temperature when printing a temperature test

Seems like the preview (where you can slide the layers up-and-down) would be a great way to visualize where to insert the g-code. It would just need a simple editor that inserts the g-code commands (and/or macros) that can be used to save current position, retract, go-to saved locations, unload/load filaments, etc.

You’ll have to use something like Prusaslicer to get the insert gcode function. It’s built in during the preview to add colour changes (filament changes), pauses, custom gcode, etc. Otherwise, mark down the layer you’re looking at in the preview, open the gcode in a text editor, and search for that layer. Luban labels each layer as ;LAYER:0 incrementing the number per layer.


Cura has a plugin that allows you to do this. Luban does not.

I second the addition of this feature to Luban - I read that this option is available in CURA but after trying it, sadly the placement within the GCODE once the the file is saved, doesn’t translate to a specific layer as expected. (I tried both the Firmware option and the Marlin M600 - each at a specific layer as defined within it’s own app) I’ve read that this option is coming though for Luban (fingers crossed) - in the mean time I’ll have to use the text editor method. Does anyone have a fav GCODE viewer?

I use notepad++ on windows. Just a good, powerful, overall text editor. Also has full support for a ton of different code with syntax highlighting if that’s your thing.

I just installed Visual Studio Code… It has a G-Code add-in. I would also like to make another suggestion… I’d really like the Artisan panel to tell me what line it it on in the G-Code. It stopped int he middle of a print the other day… just stopped… And it was printing a Luban created g-code file. It would have been great if I knew where so I could debug Luban’s g-code.

That’s cool idea,
You can try Support Ticket Form for the feature request.

Unfortunately, you must remember your order number just to create a product enhancement… I really find the support ticket process limiting…

If you don’t, just enter anything in there. You can still get support.
I can see how it might be frustrating to fill out all the fields, but it’s important for backtracking and quality control.