I need to pause at a specific layer to change filament color. Ultilmaker cura has that capability but I can't find it in SML Does anyone know?

I need to pause at a specific layer to change filament color. Ultilmaker cura has that capability but I can’t find it in SML Does anyone know?

Not built in directly to luban, but this explains the process.

Thank you so much. Ultimaker cura has it but my supplier said only use SML

Meh, Luban is Cura with most of the settings preselected. Luban uses the CuraSlicer. I’ve been using Cura for a while now. It has v2 hardware profiles now, so you don’t have to make custom ones anymore.

There’s a plugin to enable some v2 features, but I don’t remember what it does off the top of my head.

so is it ok to use Ultimaker cura- they have SM 2 A350 on their list of printers

If I export the GCode to file, then edit it in NOTE say, how do I wifi it to the printer- I am no longer in SML

I personally use Luban to transfer files over wifi but use a difference slicer to make the gcode.

you’ll find the vast majority of users on the forum do not use luban to slice with.

I am pretty new at these gcodes- I used a Luzbot Taz 5 for 6 years- it was connected direct to my computer, so I never had to deal with this issue. So how do I get the edited file back into Luban to wifi it?


Or, can i edit it in Luban?

well you would save the sliced gcode, then in luban - you would go to the workspace and choose open gcode

then you just hit send to device via wifi like normal.

Thank you so much, you are a big help

Can I just edit the code in Luban without going to a text editor?

The M600 code will pause the print-but what happens next. Where does the tool head go? do you just hit the resume to continue? Will the heaters say on? Sorry-but I am pretty new and this pause thing.

you wont be able to add the pause in luban no

i havent executed a pause yet, i believe that the head raises up and the temperatures remain on, then you can use the screen to change the filament out and say continue.

let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

You Guys are great thanks

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SML is new for me. Can’t find where to set temperatures in this slicer

Found it-Its under filament material

Camera capture
I am getting 9 distorted shots all the same- SM said I had a bad laser, They sent me a new one. Same results. I reloaded Luban 4.0.1, same results. I tried it from my Mac, same results. I could send you a picture if I had an address. My supplier is not giving me much help. I will try the SM company.

I am not knowledgable about this subject. I recommend making a new thread dedicated to asking about it or searching for forum for other posts on the same lines.

Only because the laser people may not see this post in a 3d printing related thread.

Hi Placido, I think I might have had the same problem. For me it was an issue with the camera capture calibration. Take a look at page 74 of the Snapmaker Manual (Quickstart Guide). After Capturing the 9 pictures you need to click on the button “Calibrate”. For me it wasn´t directly visible, I had to scroll the Capture Picture down and there on the left hand side of the bottom I found the Calibrate button. Then Luban will show you a picture of the rectangle you cut into a piece of paper during Camera Calibration. There you simply align the corners of the square with the lines cut into the paper. After that, the Camera Capture Picture should look as expected.

Regards, Jens