I bought the wrong computer?!?

Hi there!
Totally new to this-I always wanted a cnc machine, so thought this would be a fun starter set.
Except, I have been without a computer for some time now, and the people at snapmaker said the Laban program doesn’t work via phone or tablet.
So i was in Walmart tonight, staring at the million options (like I said, it’s been awhile) and grabbed a cheap little thing.
I got home and loaded up the website and saw windows 64, 32, or mac.
I did some digging and saw…
Chrome OS.
What. The. Heck?
Is there any way of making this work with Luban? Or should I box up the computer and take it back (my snapmaker isn’t set to arrive until Thursday)
If I can get it to work…how do I?
This is alllll above my pay grade lol. I feel I am on over my head…please help!

Luban is an app that run on Windows, MAC or Linux - not Chrome. It doesn’t work in a browser which is where the Chromebook is aimed at. Take it back, get a Windows laptop, you can get one much cheaper than a MAC and if you are just starting you dont want to go near Linux.


To be exact, it might be possible to make it work, but it would involve things that 1. require you know what you’re doing, and 2. would void your warranty.

As @stewl says, take the thing back to the shop and get a Windows machine.

Oh gosh. Yeah I think I’m over my head lol. I got luban to load on Linux, but then I couldn’t find my files. I want this to be fun, not frustrating.

It will definitely be both.
Remember to breathe.
When you master it it will be exhilarating.
Plenty of assistance on here when you need it.